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300In 2006, I started the process of ending my architectural career so that I could concentrate on relearning to draw and paint again after giving it up in 1973. As you will see in this website, for several years I concentrated only on pencil and pen and ink drawings. Then for several years I concentrated on watercolor paintings. In February of  2011, I started doing oil paintings again. In February of 1012, I started charcoal and pastel. Over the years, the subject matter keeps changing as my interest and artistic skills change. Here, you will find wildlife, birds, butterflies, flowers, animals, portraits, horses, longhorns, watusi cattle, landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes, riverscapes, ships, boats and whatever catches my interest and that I feel confident that I can do in some artistic way.

In 2008, I started writing short stories that generally has something to do with one of the drawings or paintings. They are archived under the tab "The Tales". We call the combination of the drawing/ painting and its story "Art and Tales by Acree". At first, I sent the image of the drawing/painting and its story to a few friends and relatives. Then more and more people requested to be on the list. So, we set up a mass email program to handle the volume and a way for people to sign up on the web site. Now there are subscribers all over the United States. Also there are now subscribers in Canada, Indonesia, India and the United Kingdom. I get a lot of enjoyment receiving email messages and comments from the subscribers. I keep the messages free from commercial intent. if you would like to subscribe, we have provided a way for you to do so below. My subscriber list is not shared with nor sold to anyone.

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This free email subscription is not a newsletter in the traditional sense—more of a window into my artistic experience. I periodically send out an electronic preview of what I’m working on, along with an explanation, memory, or story associated with that art.
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